Selasa, 01 Maret 2011

1st Module : IT-System (Computers, Networks und Application Systems

Die erste Praktikum in Gross Gerau bekomme ich ueber IT-Systems (Computers, Networks und Applications Systems). Step by step, a computers system is prepared for professional use as a teaching tool for IT Training. For flexibility, a multi-boot system for several operating systems is installes and configured. Associated drivers und application software are installed und tested. Content oder Inhalt fuer diese materie sind :
1. Disk Partitioning
2. Peripheral device und drivers
3. BIOS Settings
4. Internal und External drives
5. INstalation of operating systems
6. Instalation of application software
7. System optimization
8. Privacy und system security
9. Ergonomics, economics, ecology.

Diese materie sind 40 Uhr benutzen.

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